It returns!! – Site update, uNTechie stuff

Who would have thought that some particular person would suddenly write a short article on this website after such a long time? Basically, I haven’t bothered to update this site at all because of its terrible uptime… but fear not! I upgraded my streamyx package to unlimited (at long last). Now hosting hours have been extended!! I’ll be hosting mon-fri from 2pm until 11pm or 12am… saturday will be 10am-12am and sunday will be 1pm – 12am… got that? hopefully I will be able to get my own computer soon so that I will be able to host 24/7 (hopefully) , but at least, this is better than before. Of course, uptime will still be disrupted if there are any thunderstorms, as I don’t have a UPS – anybody care to donate one? Take a hint.

Lots of things have happened in the past few weeks (or months?)… I’ve had to reinstall windows XP again (!!!) because of a silly blunder I made… don’t ask, unless you want to find out…

Besides that, I now have an FTP server up –
If you want to look for stuff, ask me for a username and password, if you log on anonymously, you won’t be able to download that much….

Oh yeah, no one posted in the tagboard for so long that it was deleted

I guess that’s all I’ll post for now…

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