Stuck in KL

I got a new CDRW drive yesterday, my old one conked out…it’s a samsung 52x24x52 with 8mb cache…

I got up at 6.15 this morning and couldn’t find my PJK tshirt…Then after packing and eating then I went back to sleep and dreamt that I missed school wassat (maybe I should have missed school tongue) Anyway I managed to get my tshirt from outside, it was hanging outside drying…

School was more of the same…..4 periods of torture, 2 sejarah periods followed by 2 Add math periods……..DIE!!! Well, I managed to get through without even falling asleep…..but I wasn’t really listening to what teacher was talking about ‘ketaksamaan kuadratik’ or something like that… I just randomly pressed buttons on my calculator, trying to find interesting calculations….well at least that was during sejarah…

It was a relief to go for CF cell after that…It was quite good…first I discussed a few things concerning the CF camp cd with chris oh, then we had songs… Quite a lot of people gave testimonies today on camp…. yeah, wei soon and chris were pointing fingers at me (blaming me) while yvonne was talking about how the sound system had problems during her session angry. ……Never mind, I’ll forgive them this time tongue.

Rushed back home after CF to prepare for BK class…..went for bk, did acts 7, on stephen’s defence while he was being accused by the sanhedrin (did I spell that correctly?)…..all the history of the jews that he used, quite amazing, I never understood all that until today…very enlightening… Hock Jeen and Christine made really lame jokes….I won’t even bother to write them, you don’t want to know them….

It started raining heavily halfway through BK class….but it slowed down quite a lot after class ended…. My friends were accusing me of causing the rain, since every time I go it rains and when I go it doesn’t rain…. wassat
We (about 10 of us) headed back to the pasar seni LRT station, my ‘friends’ accusing me all the way….Karen bought some chestnuts which some were reluctant to eat then after they tried it wanted to take it all laughing. Anyway, guess what we found when we entered the station and went up the stairs to the train? About 300-400 people standing outside the train, but the train didn’t move…It was stuck… Then I was accused of causing the problems with the LRT and they threatened to throw me over the edge, like Jonah, they said…=…..We waited there for about 20 minutes but it was still stuck… so we walked down and halfway down, the LRT started moving!!
Yeah, more accusations on ‘when I went down, then the LRT works again’…. Another train came in 10 minutes and we managed to get in, then waited in the train for 10 minutes when they announced over the PA that the train was going to be stuck for 2 hours…….errgh…..we left the station and went to the bus stop, had to chase the bus a little, before we managed to cram onto a bus and make our way back to PJ, very very slowly, in many many traffic jams, in a really really crowded bus… Anyway I walked home from the bus stop and got home at 8.40pm (I was supposed to get home at 7.20!!)

Ate dinner, did some recording and then now I’m typing this….

I guess that’s all, another busy day tomorrow…

Oh yeah, I got the drum set!! picture HERE

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