Wow! What a hole!

We played with potassium and sodium in chem class yesterday… 2 explosions on purpose, one of them with smoke 1 1/2 stories high… and of course, accidental explosions…the biggest explosion was when one group had finished burning the potassium in a balang gas then one of them dunked it in water…no guesses for what happened…BBOOOOOMMMM!!! BBOOM! double explosion..obviously, potassium reacts with water… because of the fun kimia lesson, we had skipped moral when we got back to class…

Anyway, if you remembered, I mentioned that the roof of my class was leaking on monday…So, these 2 repairmen came today to (try?) to repair the roof…That was during our add math test…anyway, knock knocking for a few seconds, silence for about 2 minutes than it happened….

CRAAAASHHHHHH!!! BONK!!! One segment of the roof broke and one of the repairmen fell down about 5 metres onto the floor of our class… The most amazing thing is that he seemed to be okay! He even got up half a minute later and smiled before leaving the class… Praise God that nothing serious happened… Now there’s a gaping hole in the roof of the building as well as the ceiling of our classroom…. Oh yeah, Terrence was a little bit injured and one of the tables is finished…dented and all…

It just rained, I wonder what our class looks like now…probably totally flooded…. wassat

I’m now working on something for JY easter tomorrow… I guess that’s all for now… bye!!

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