The long road lies ahead of me, bleak and deserted. Behind me, it bends like a long snake. Far away it streches until it is enveloped by the dust in the distance. The sun over my head blazes, creating wavy lines on the horizon, distorting the reality. I step forward. I look as far as my eyes can see, the road continuing until it becomes a mere speck in the distance, the two sides of the road become one. Hours upon hours pass. I continue to move aimlessly, just following the road. Where the road leads I know not, I just continue along it.

A door appears to my left. I scrutinize it carefully, from a distance, it looks like it is gold and has beautiful engravings on it, but upon a closer look, it is tarnished and has imperfections and cracks in it. One push may be the ruin of this door. The door doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, it is just a door with nothing on either side.

Yet, curiosity gets the better of me. I walk up to the door and place my hand on it. Yet I am held back from turning it. Should I turn and open it? There’s nothing special about this door, but it must hold some secret. Should I linger at this mysterious door or should I continue on my journey which never seems to have an end? Should I try and complete my goal to finish the journey? What is the goal of my journey? And most of all, what is this journey all about?

While I think about these many things, I notice swirling to my right. Turning my head, I see a dust storm approaching. I feel despair. Should I just give up right here? End it here? Then I make up my mind.

I twist the door knob and walk through the door’s frame.


I open my eyes. The heat is gone. My eyes do not pierce through the sudden blackness which has fallen around me. Where am I? As my eyes try to adjust to the darkness, I grope around for the door, but my hands touch nought. A gust of cold wind sweeps over me and I shiver. How did my going through the door change anything? Is this any better than the previous heat? I realise that mist is surrounding me. It is bitter and cold. I have no idea of where to go. Someone approaches.

“Hello? Is someone there?”.

“Anwave firuvaly�”. His voice is deep, serene and rich. Each word he pronounces penetrates my mind. “You will surely die”.

“Who are you?”.

“I am whom you think I am. Anwave firuvaly�.”. It takes a step forward. Fear takes over my mind. Is it fear?

It laughs at me. Its laugh is like nothing I’ve heard before. It is a low tone and yet at the same time is shrieking at me. I collapse to the floor, if there is such a thing as the floor. I cry out as its laughter shatters me.

“Do not despair”. A voice suddenly reaches my ears amidsts the laughter. I use all my willpower to concentrate on that voice. Her voice is also deep, serene and rich. Each of her syllables also penetrates my mind. Yet, a certain calmness washes over me.

“Who are you?”.

“I am whom you think I am. E� c�l�!”. Light suddenly appears, blinding me. Yet I feel no pain. Just as my eyes could not penetrate the blackness, the blinding white light also has the same effect on me.

“Do not give up hope. I am your hope in your time of need. I will help you. You know my name. Do not forget it. I will remain at your side, picking you up when you fall down and carrying you when your legs fail to carry you any longer”, says she.

“I know your name?” I ask.


Then it comes to me. Her name is love. I say “I remember now!”.

Suddenly, she disappears and the hideous monster appears again. Once again, fear takes me.


And then it all fades away. Everything disappears from my sight. Nothingness has surrounded me. Neither light nor darkness nor the desert appear again.

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