Psamls 170 =p (or also something else)

When I tread beyond the boundaries of my land,
Or where all roads meet their ends,
Your spirit travels within my heart,
Buried deep down like a dart.

When I delve deep down the earths depths,
Or get ensnared by dangerous traps,
Your peace calms me down,
The peace in which I’m bound.

To the highest peak of the mountain,
And the roaring of the sea and ocean,
Your power gives me divine strength,
Allowing me to endure for great lengths.

Where darkness envelopes and evil lurks,
Where silence enfolds and dimness murks,
You protection shields and surrounds me,
Strengthening me and allowing me to see.

Wherever in the world I may tread,
Even in the world of the dead,
You shall never forsake me,
Being the person no one else can be.

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