Hey fans! Over here!

Hey there, fans! Fans? Well, I guess I meant the spinning fan….lame

Okayyy…only download my writings if you want to see the grammar mistakes, I’ll try to correct it by Friday night…

Hmm…i’m so tired — I spent 7 of my precious golden hours yesterday trying to complete my story, in which i’ve discovered many grammatical errors… Today in school we had photo sessions, for my class and for CF (everybody clap and shout WOOHOO!!!)

We experimented wth bromine and chlorine in chem class today, and Clarice accidently spilt a little bit of it on herself (“Hot! Hot! Owww!” I feel sorry for her sad). Oh yeah, for the first time in the year, we’ve had a form 3 guy come for recess prayer meetings (EVERYBODY SCREAM AND REJOICE!!)

Got back our Physics test paper also. wassat Don’t ask if you want answers. Anyway, I have tons to study for BK and postal quiz tomorrow, so that’ll be it for now!

Bye, fans!! wink

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