That does not imply crying. It implies a certain liquid which comes out from your nose. I’m having a terrible cold, while my exams are in 2 days time… Today in school I ran out of all my tissue papers and I was sniffing away the whole day in class… I took a nap for 3 periods (BM teacher and Math teacher didn’t teach). When school ended, I walked home much slower than I usually do, I felt exhausted and tired… So I dropped by the petrol station on the way back and took out my money – I only had RM1!! Well, I bought the only thing that I could afford – a small plastic bag of skittles… Well, it was better than nothing, it gave me some energy for the walk back. I slept the rest of the afternoon away and then picked up my moral book to study – I looked at the same page for about an hour….before I could remember anything. Studying BK is so much more fun than moral.

Anyway, you might notice that I put up a chat box on the left frame, PLEASE PLEASE do use it =p. So far only Shannon has been kind enough to test it out for me, as you might notice. I also tried out a mail server, which means now I have an email address at [email protected] but don’t send stuff there, I don’t use it.

Anyway, no more updates till after the exams (hopefully I might manage to put in one or two). I have a church camp end of this week, SMACK RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my exams crying. And I’m helping out in A/V. What could be worse? =p

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