Cheats? Cheaters? Cheated?

They were cheaters. They cheated the teacher. The cheats that the cheaters used in the exam cheated the teacher.

Yes. Today was english and sejarah. Obviously, no one cared much about english. But when it came to sejarah, people were passing papers here and there with answers. The six girls around me really cheated a lot! (Yeah, they’re going to kill me when they next see me if they read this wassat)Well..whatever. I didn’t cheat smile. Yeah anyway, sejarah was terrible. I didn’t even understand the essay questions. But I just wrote some rubbish anyway. And I had to run back home in the rain.

I’ll keep it short and simple for now, since I’ve got to go and study (yay, at least it’s only EST and mod math tomorrow). If you noticed, I’ve added ‘Jokes of the day’ in the left frame. Bye!!

I had to delete some of my posts for certain reasons =(, if you noticed.

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