Okay, I’m going crazy. I just finished watching this silly Jackie Chan show – Twin Dragons. It was hilarious. Watch it if you want to laugh and waste your time. Hahahaha. Yeah I know that I shouldn’ be watching stuff as my exam is around me, but….well…..okay….

Okay, I seem to be getting more visitors now – hurrah! Mostly because Shannon was kind enough to ‘promote’ my site on his site. So do please visit him! =).

Anyway today I woke up and went to church for this meeting for 3 churches – PJEFC, DUMC and GT. It was called ‘The Tarzan of Irian Jaya’. Basically this man who did mission work in Irian Jaya came to give a talk. It was quite good. Oh yeah, I had a free lunch because I was helping out in the AV. Anyway I left early (1pm).

I have put in a new section ‘about’ me, go check it out, it’s not finished yet. And oh no! I have church camp tomorrow and I haven’t even started packing at all! This is going to be crazy – a church camp right in the middle of exams. I’m going to have to take my add math and physics books there to study wink.

My dad’s leaving for Princeton, USA on Monday. I wish I could follow him and relive my 6 month visit there last time. I still miss that place, the green trees, the large grassy plains, the friends, the school. Ahh. well….Hopefully I’ll be able to visit that place some time…

I’ll keep it short for now, bye!

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