Spinning out of control

The washing machine in my house is dead. It is like a stone, giving out strange whining noises from within its innards. Sometimes I wonder whether a baby is in there, hindering the machine from functioning properly.

So, what do you do when you have an ever growing pile of clothes and a non-functioning washing machine? You do it manually!

Yes, the old style of washing clothes, not with machine, but with muscles! All you need is the time, a few buckets, water, washing liquid, the dirty clothes (ever ready) and of course, the right frame of mind.

But nope, I didn’t wash them. My mom did that. But me and my sis had to dry them out. I tried spinning it over my head (like a cowboy tossing the rope laughing) and a passerby stopped and stared in amusement at me. Whatever. =p… After that I decided to squeeeeeze them instead, well, that’s over now.

Soung Ern said ‘yech’ when he saw this blog…

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