Yes, I was actually going to post this much earlier, but because SOMEONE (Timothy Cheng) was busy creating problems for me by spamming my chatbox WITH MY NAME (see previous post), I was busy editing php code so that people won’t be able to simply post with my name. Yeah I had so much trouble editing the code until I found out why – I couldn’t find the file I should have been editing and I was editing the wrong file, to no avail!

Well, anyway that’s done with, I hope it works, oh yeah, if there are posts from ‘Hoongern’ or ‘Ng Hoong Ern’, they aren’t from me.. okay?

So now yeah, back to camp. Uncle Sam and Aunty Christine came to pick me and my sister up from our house and then we drove 1 1/2 hrs to Glory Beach Hotel, PD. The scenery wasn’t that bad, plains stretching as far as the eyes could see, although the plains were just littered with lines of trees, definately planted by men. We didn’t see the beach throughout the whole journey.

When we got there, we couldn’t find any parking lot, so U. Sam dropped us off and then we went and registered. Well, actually, the OTHERS registered while I helped carry equipment to the hall. I didn’t actually see my name tag and get my camp booklet until I went to my apartment (for the first time) at 12 midnight…

I helped Ewe Jin and his team to set up the PA and AV. We had trouble with the placement of stuff, the hall was narrow, the roof was low and it was long. But anyway, the worst part of it was that they only provided us with one speaker (the tweeter wasn’t even working). When we asked them for another speaker, they only had another speaker, different type, and when we finally got it working, it was the total opposite of the other speaker! So one had no treble and was soft, while the other was screeching away and was too loud. There was no way to equalise both the speakers separately or even change the volume between the two speakers, so in the end, we just boosted up the treble and put cloth over the other speaker. It worked, to a certain extent.

Yeah, setting up the stuff and handling the practice after that made me miss the telematch and the games. So after the practice, me and chris leow went down for dinner (almost an hour late). It was amazing that there was still food there, but there weren’t any cups left, so we drank from our bowls. wink

Then we had our first (well actually second) session. Suprisingly, and thankfully, the sound was actually not too bad!

Hey gotta go to KL to see the dentist now…bye!!

[updated Wednesday, May 05, 2004 2.07pm]

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