Yeah, so after the first session then we had even MORE practices, so I had to do MORE PA and by the time the practice had finished, it was 12am. So I went to my apartment (for the first time tongue), took my bath and went to sleep. Unfortunately, my room didn’t have air con, but at least I still slept properly.

I woke up at 7am the next day (6 and a half hours of sleep, although I got more than a lot of other people, but I was working the whole day) and after devotion and breakfast I had to do MORE PA for the practices and then we had the 2nd session – EVEN MORE PA!! After the second session we had discussions (CrossGen, JY, men, ladies) and discussed reconciliation, confession and how to bond and build within JY. After that we had lunch.

Then after lunch we got into groups to prepare for family night – we had to do skits. All the groups did the same skit – that is – the parable of the sower, but in different styles. 2 groups got the same style – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, my group got Bollywood and the other got Wild Wild West. None of my group members had watched Bollywood before, so of course, no ideas at all! We didn’t even have a full scale practice!

Anyway, guess what I had after that practice? No prizes for guessing. MORE PA!!! MORE PRACTICES!! Luckily this finished not too late for me to miss games, so I went down to where they were playing and watched them throwing water balloons without bursting them. Weirdly, hardly any of them burst, I think either it was too easy or the balloon manufacturers are becoming too good at making unexplodable balloons. Haha. Anyway after that I got the chance to take part in Tug Of War. So, whatever, I thought, I joined in. There wasn’t enough space except on the beach, so we played on the beach, with the tide coming in. Oh yeah, the beach was really crowded and dirty, and there wasn’t much left of the beach with the tide in (About 3 meters from the start of the beach to the water).

So, pull! Pull! And my team lost! But it was still fun! I was still wearing my long pants because I didn’t expect to play, so they got all sandy and so on. After the groups competed, then we had the fun rounds. Girls on one side, and small kids on the other side. Obviously, the small kids were losing, so a few adults jumped in and started pulling for the small kids. Then me and a few others jumped in on the other side and also started pulling. Halfway through I switched sides and because of that tongue the small kids won. Second round I helped the girls, although it wasn’t just girls already, because everyone was just going to the rope and simply pulling away. But in the end, the ‘girls’ side won.

I wanted to go back to my apartment but I didn’t have the key (I was staying with Uncle Chow Huat and Aunty Chu Mei) so I tried calling them using someone’s handphone but it didn’t work. Luckily, I found U. Chow Huat and managed to get in and bathe!

Had a nice dinner -barbeque, except that it was already barbequed for us… smile. I overate! And as usual, MORE practices after dinner, and so MORE PA to do… and then we had family night!

Family night was quite fun, seeing what all the different groups did for their skit. My group was quite cacat. I acted as a ‘tree’. It was actually quite boring, just standing there the whole time.

Anyway, our group turned out last place overall, but Shern Ren, one of our group members, got the best potential young actor award. And guess what I had after family night? Yes, you were correct – MORE PA, MORE PRACTICES!! We finished at 11.30pm. I could have gone up to the ‘games room’ as they called it, where some CrossGen and JY guys were chatting and playing games, but I decided to call it a night.

Next morning – MORE PA! MORE PRACTICES! Well, at least it was the last practice. We had our final session with a long ministering session after that, in which some of us packed up whatever equipment we could. After that we continued packing equipment, then I ate lunch and went to my room to pack up my stuff. Then after that was more equipment carrying, and then it was HOME! Yup, I got back at 2.45pm…

Well, camp was fun, busy, and fun, and busy laughing
Of course, today I had physics test. I hope I didn’t fail…Afterwards I’m going to the Colours of the Rainbow concert practice, where I’m doing more PA (well actually more of stage management). Remember to go for Colours of the Rainbow concert! Donate RM30 and get a free invitation

It’s on the 8 & 9th of May from 8.30-10.30pm at PJEFC, Heritage Centre… Be there!!

Will complete later…..

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