Sorry for not updating yesterday! I’m really sorry man! I’m sure you guys missed the daily updates a lot! Muahaha…anyway, I have a reason for that. I’ll tell you later.

Yesterday we had EST and Add Math exams….and I’m DEAD in my add math… I’m going to fail…. I didn’t manage to answer one question worth 8 marks! Oh no! But EST was nap time, I was really tired so I took a nap. At least (i think) no one (or not many) cheated in the Add Math exam… maybe because it is harder to cheat…

Arrgh okay……I started typing this more than an hour ago, but it was disrupted by my sis downloading stuff and Soung Ern dropping over along with a lot of other guys. At last I’ve gotten the computer back!!

Yeah, anyway the reason why I ciouldn’t update yesterday is because the moment I got back from school I had to go down to KLCC to see the orthodontist…and I got back at almost 6pm…. and then at 8-11 I had Colours of the Rainbow practice…I’m helping out as a stage hand… All we did was to mic up the string quartet… took quite some time… One of the wireless mics kept on running out of battery, caused quite a lot of problems.

Yeah anyway I’ll have to keep it short this time round, because my weekend is going to be SO busy… Tomorrow I’ll be out from 11-1 for Mp3Plus Colours of the Rainbow practice, then from 1.30-3.30 I’m having music class, then I’ll be at church from 3.30 to 5 to set up for the concert, then at 5-7 I’m having orchestra practice, and then finally at 8.30 – 10.30pm there’s the concert. That’s just saturday.

On sunday I have to go to church from 8.30 till 12pm, then I have to go down to KLCC at 1.30 for my orchestra concert..and then at 5 I have to be at church to set up the stuff for the concert and then 8.30-10.30pm there’s the second COTR concert.

So I’ll be very busy….later..

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