Soon…Just around the corner…

Guess what day is tomorrow?? FREEDOM DAY! Independance from bondage of exams! What could be more exciting? Nothing! Come on, give a cheer wherever you’re reading this. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to writing now.

Right. Enough euphoria to last this whole post. Tomorrow I have modern math… I hope that it will be easy. Today the class got back their physic test paper results (not their paper, just their marks), but I was busy taking a nap at the back of the class that now I still do not know my marks. Those form 1/2 guys were really making a lot of noise during the BM paper.

I just watched another silly Jackie Chan movie. Don’t ask. And yeah, my double pedalling is getting better. My dad is getting back tonight.

My post today seems to consist of random, unorganized and incoherent thoughts. I wonder why.

But I don’t care! Oh yeah, I’ll be off to Ipoh this Saturday for something, I won’t mention why. Okay, I guess you’re getting bored or confused by this post, so I’ll keep it short and simple from now on. I’ll summarize this post for you in a few words –

YAY! Arrrgh! Huh! NO!

Right. That’s all. Bye!

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