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Yes, I won’t mention anything about the exams. It’s enough to know that it’s over, and I’ll leave it at that. Anyway, I was reading Watership Down by Richard Adams today in school (It’s an EXCELLENT book, go and read it now if you haven’t done so), it’s about these group of rabbits, and yeah, I remembered Thinker. Thinker used to be my family’s pet hare. I remembered how we used to spoil her with hours and hours of petting and we used to feed her with junk food, she used to eat stuff like keropok, crackers, and even chicken nuggets. Weird, if you ask me. She used to give us fun and also frustration with all those sticky yellow puddles around the house, but nevertheless, it was great having her. Alas, she passed away 3 years ago on Malaysia’s Independance Day. I still remember the good and bad times we had with her, and I still miss her quite a lot. It’s a real shame that she never got to meet with any of her own kind, really sad.

I think that we can take many lessons from animals, of course assuming that they are good animals =p. Some of them might not be nice, but still they are good examples. Like a dog, we should be friends to anyone, and accept them for who they are, with unconditional love and dedication. No matter how much you punish a dog, yet it will still come back. And the cat is independant, it knows how to look after itself, and it doesn’t need others to care for it. And even ants. Look how hard they work, never tiring, never giving up. We should have that kind of perseverance and hark working. And the ants work as a team, teamwork, and it never fails. They manage to complete major tasks. And the ants work for the colony, each bit of work helps the colony. And lastly, even though most of us hate them, I sometimes admire flies. Yes, they’re disgusting and irritating, but think of how they NEVER give up, no matter what obstacles may appear before them.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about friendship and relationships. It gave me some new insights and new thoughts about friendships. I’m the type which holds back and doesn’t mix around that much. I’m not unfriendly, though. Friendships are very important in one’s life, when you go through hard times, it is your friends who will support you. Of course, I mean real friendships, not just fair-weathered friends or just hello-bye relationships.

A relationship needs to be maintained. You have to continuously make an effort in a relationship and make sure that you don’t ignore it. It is also important to try and make new friends, and make sure you make friends for the correct reason. Do not make friends just because he/she’s rich or something. We have to accept people the way they are. In this case we have to look to Jesus Christ as our role model.

Remember that you must have trust and love in a relationship. The word ‘love’ has actually degraded in this world, where it’s just like, “I love you.” To love is very hard. It is about being able to trust and be trusted and being able to hold on in all times, it is a continuous effort. Therefore let us love one another because Jesus first loved us.

I don’t have many friends, actually, but at least I have a few friends whom I know I can count on and trust (One thing I realized is that almost all my friends are older than me and most of them are from my CF. That’s why I love my CF so much). These kinds of relationships is what we must have, not like the friendships in the parable of the prodigal son, who had friends only because he had the money. But when his money went away, where were his friends? But I still have to make an effort to be able to talk to more people.

Yeah, anyway I will be going to Ipoh this weekend to play some piano pieces for some businessmen. I guess I’ll be off now, bye!

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