Ipoh trip

I skipped school today…and woke up at 10am! It’s a very long time since I managed to wake up that late smile. Anyway I’ve been practising the piano the whole day (so far), preparing for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Ipoh at 8.30am and I should be back by 12am..I hope! So you probably won’t see me online tomorrow… I’m going to have to play 2 concerts… One for a group of music lovers and also for a group of businessmen.. I hope to be albe to play for an hour or so… This will be what I’m playing..

1. Debussy – Pour Le Piano – Prelude
2. Debussy – Pour Le Piano – Sarabande
3. Schumann – Fantasiestuke – Aufschwung
4. D. Kabalevsky – Sonata no. 3 – Movt1
5. D. Kabalevsky – Sonata no. 3 – Movt2
6. D. Kabalevsky – Sonata no. 3 – Movt3
7. Poulenc – Improvisation in A minor

and tentative

8. Debussy – Serenade
9. D. Scarlatti – Some piano Sonatas
10. Beethoven – Piano Sonata No.2 Op11 (I think)

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