Do you expect a long post?

Well, yeah, I expect that you expect to have a long post to make up for not posting (actually I posted on Saturday, so…)…why are YOU pressuring me to write a long post? hmm…haha.just kidding…

Anyway my dad and I went to Uncle Philip’s house first, got there at 2.10pm, without any major events, as he was taking us to Ipoh. Travelled in an Audi (I think wink). The journey was a good 2 and a half hours, I suggested stopping at Cameron Highlands instead since it was such a short distance away, and because the weather was just sooo hot. It’s never been hotter than this, I think…

When we got to Ipoh we went to a corner shop to eat some snacks, then realised that we were in the wrong shop and went to the shop we were supposed to go to and found that it was closed! So we settled for a third shop and I took tau fu fa (dunno how to spell that!) and soya bean milk. After that we went to this rich guy’s house (a bachelor) to wait for someone to pick us up. You should have seen his house, all the expensive stuff and paintings there, but that’s not my lifestyle..Money isn’t everything in life, but to many people, money is the only thing in life. Money is important, but do not let it become your idol.

Anyway, Mr. Chan, who was supposed to pick us up, called up and gave us directions to go to his house (He was busy, I think), so we went over to his house… Then we were sent to the hotel where I checked out the piano I was going to play that night.

The piano……….was…….bleh…don’t talk about it. It was a Young Chang (Korean) brand… The brand itself isn’t the worst, and actually the sound of the piano would have been okay. But only the middle part of the piano had been played. So the bottom was soft and mellow, the middle part was hard and clangy, while the top part was practically inaudible and all that you would hear is the ‘thump’ of the hammer hitting the strings… And yeah, the black keys were also underused. So basically, the sound from all the parts of the piano were all different, and it was near impossible to bring out my pieces, especially my Kabalevsky Piano Sonata. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the pedal was terrible. Push it 1cm down and it’s sustained 100% already. So basically only the top 1cm was usable, the rest was wasted. But I had no choice but to make the best out of that piano.

We decided to change the programme, which was a bit of a late decision for me. They changed the programme from Debussy and Kabalevsky to
1)Kabalevsky Piano Sonata No.3 , 3rd Movt
2)Poulenc – Improvisation No.13 in A Minor (my grade 8 piece)
3)Schumann – Fantasiestuke – Des Abends

I only started ‘relearning’ my Poulenc on Friday (I hadn’t played it for 4 years). After testing out the piano, we went to check in and went to our room on the 5th floor. It was a normal room, with a big window… The view would have been really beautiful if not for the buildings. In the distance you could see the whole row of mountains, and at sunset it was really really beautiful, the sky a blood red, the clouds flying overhead…….BUT…down below was the grey tops of buildings…blerggh.. so, that spoilt the view. But in my mind I tried replacing those buildings with grass and forest and plains, and it was really nice.

Dinner would be at 7.45, so there wasn’t that much time left, so I just read my book (Watership Down) for a little while and then it was time. I took my scores and changed and then we headed up (10th floor).

Dinner started a bit late, as usual, Malaysian timing smile. I don’t think I overate, even though it was a buffet, I only went once…anyway the food wasn’t the greatest food around. I checked the programme for the night and guess what? I found a 2 page write-out on me…it was something like THIS. Yeah so I was like…what!? I didn’t really expect that, but anyway, yeah, it was there.

Kabalevsky was horrible. I just couldn’t get it to come out because of that stupid piano….aarrrgh!! But at least the other two weren’t so bad. I think the people listened (i think) and I hope that they didn’t notice all my mistakes =p. But it could have been worse, so thank God.

The talk of the night was “How to live to 110 years and the purpose of anti-oxidants”. Hmm…Interesting topic eh? Whether I am healthy or not, I don’t think I’d want to live THAT long… smile.. We’ll see… The guy talked about some stuff about …..can’t remember!!!

haha…anyway I played one more piece after the thing was over and then I went back to my room, bathed, washed my clothes, and hung them on this interesting clothes line… Read more Watership Down and then went to sleep at 12.20am…

Did I manage to sleep? Yeah I guess so, except for the times when I was woken up by snoring…haha… I woke up at 8.15am, very tired, and then went down for breakfast. This time I overate, there was quiet a lot of food =p. After breakfast I went up to the previous night but the room was locked, so we consulted one of the staff and they said I could use the ballroom!

So I played on the grand piano instead. It was another Young Chang, baby grand, but at least it was way better than the previous night. It was still not the best piano, but… yeah, the thing which keeps the grand piano cover up was like plastic!

Mr. Chan picked us up along with this famous person who adapted ‘Negaraku’ and we went to another house so that I could give a ‘short’ concert. This time it was a 6 ft Steinway grand piano, it was really nice, except that it sounded as though it hasn’t been played all that much, but still, I enjoyed it much more than the previous night’s piano.

In the end, I only managed to perform about 30% of the pieces that I prepared (I prepared about 20 pieces), a *bit* disappointing, but it was okay, I still played more than the previous night.

We went for lunch at this Chinese restaurant, the food was nice, and I overate again wassat. I hope I haven’t put on too many inches =p. We sat there for quite a long time talking and talking, and by the time we got up it was about 2.30pm already (I was hoping that we would be able to get back to PJ by 4pm, so much for that =p).

We went back to Mr. Chan’s house to meet U. Philip. I played some piano there for Mr. Chan’s son and he also played some stuff for me. We finally left after four, and got back home at 7.20pm…LATE!!!

Well, that was the Ipoh trip. I’ve got school tomorrow…asdfjkl;

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