As I clicked the button to add this piece of my mind, I thought, why?
What is the purpose of me doing this? Why am I posting? I seem to be posting just for the sake of posting. What happened to ‘putting your everything into what you do’? Well, I’ll try my best!

I was thinking about those people who aren’t as good as us in what we do, and these are my thoughts.

Well, I guess that there’s no reason to know and to feel that you’re better than them. Because I know that I am a better pianist than a lot. But we have to keep in mind that this can sometimes lead to pride. It is sometimes also good to be proud of ourselves, but not too much. What I mean is, take pride in what you have done. But don’t let this pride lead to putting others down and putting your nose high. Just (in a way, I guess), an inward pride. And also take time to thank God for the talents you’ve been given. There’s no problem with complimenting them, in my view. It wouldn’t be lying. We compliment people to encourage them. Sometimes, I guess, compliment not from your standard. Just compliment him for what they have done, try not to compare it to yourself too much… Compliment them for what they have already accomplished, like how good they are to have managed to achieve what they have done , and compliment them for thier interest and thier time that they have used to bring out their interest.

And yeah I was reading more of Watership Down, and to see how evil mankind has been towards animals. For example how the men cruelly destroyed the rabbit warren, they just destroyed it because it was in the way, nothing more than that. No compassion, not even to the point of taking them to a zoo or giving them away, but pure destruction of life. Let us treat animals better. Especially all the killings of endangered animals.

Almost all of us are guilty. Me included. God made us to take care of animals, and what have we done? We are killing and eating them instead. We should all become vegetarians =p. But who am I to say all of this when I have been just as bad? I better go and do something about it…

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