El-ahrairah, along with his friend Rabscuttle, returning from his long journey from The Black Rabbit of Inle, where he sacrificed himself for his people’s safety, reaches his warren.

quote (Watership Down – El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle):

……”We want to find Loosestrife,” said Rabscuttle. “Can you tell us where his burrow is?”
“I’ve never heard of him,” answered one of the bucks. “Are you sure he’s in this warren?”
“Unless he’s dead,” said Rabscuttle. “But surely you must have heard of Captain Loosestrife? He was an officer of the Owsla in the fighting.”
“What fighting?” asked another buck.
“The fighting against King Darzin,” replied Rabscuttle.
“Here, do me a favor, old fellow, will you?” said the buck. “That fighting – I wasn’t born when it finished.”
“But surely you know the Owsla captains who were?” said Rabscuttle.
“I wouldn’t be seen dead with them,” said the buck. “What, that white-whiskered old bunch? What do we want to know about them?”
“What they did,” said Rabscuttle.
“That war lark, old fellow?” said the first buck. “That’s all finished now. That’s got nothing to do with us.”
“If this Loosestrife fought King What’s-His-Name, that’s his business,” said one of the does. “It’s not our business, is it?”
“It was all a very wicked thing,” said another doe. “Shameful, really. If nobody fought in wars, there wouldn’t be any, would there? But you can’t get old rabbits to see that.”
“My father was in it,” said the second buck. “He gets on about it sometimes. I always go out quick. ‘They did this and then we did that’ and all that caper. Makes you curl up, honest. Poor old geezer, you’d think he’d want to forget about it. I reckon he makes half of it up. And where did it get him, tell me that?”
“If you don’t mind waiting a little while, sir,’ said a third buck to El-ahrairah, “I’ll go and see if I can find Captain Loosestrife for you. I don’t actually know him myself, but then it’s rather a big warren.”
“That’s good of you,” said El-ahrairah, “but I think I’ve got my bearings now and I can manage by myself.”
El-ahrairah went along the hedgerow to the wood and sat alone under a nut bush, looking out across the fields. As the light began to fail, he suddenly realized that Lord Frith was close beside him, among the leaves.
“Are you angry, El-ahrairah?” asked Lord Frith.
“No, my lord,” replied El-ahrairah, “I am not angry. But I have learned that with creatures one loves, suffering is not the only thing for which one may pity them. A rabbit who does not know when a gift has made him safe is poorer than a slug, even though he may think otherwise himself.”
“Wisdom is found on the desolate hillside, El-ahrairah, where none come to feed, and the stony bank where the rabbit scratches a hole in vain…..

Yes, do we realize it when people do work for us? Hardly ever. When we look at our ever tiring mothers and fathers, we hardly ever see all the good deeds that they have done for us. We don’t see them cleaning up after our mess, patiently caring for us. We only notice when there is dust or when we can’t find something.

Also the same for the PA crew. When you have a good mix, does anyone notice? Almost never. We, as fallen creatures, only notice other people’s mistakes, and hardly ever stop to think of the good deeds that one has done.

Do we have any appreciation left within us? We should be more appreciative of what others have done for us.

Like in Watership Down, when El-ahrairah’s warren was under attack, he decided to go to the Black Rabbit of Inle to bargain his life for the safety of his people. It cost him his ears, whiskers and tail. And the journey took years to accomplish.

Yet, when he finally got back to his warren, did anyone notice? Hardly.

So let us have a good heart and try to notice the good deeds which many people just do quietly, at the back.


In other news, I have doomed myself. I have turned in my bio paper for the sake of losing one mark. But for the sake of fairness and honesty, I will try not to feel frustrated. Because, in the first place, that mark never belonged to me.. That’s what I have to keep on reminding myself.

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