I’ve decided to post a special post… to thank some people who have helped me out in this website…SO FAR…

1) Shannon – Who posts in the chatbox and helped to advertise my site!
2) Dewgem – Who also posts in the chatbox and contributed a link!
3) Wai Ee – Who lurks in the website, hiding in the shadows =p

1) Timothy – Who posted 4 comments!
2) Clarice – Who posted 2 comments!
3) Daniel – Who tested out the comments and the blogging system first!

1) Timothy – Who signed more than once and lies about his country
2) Wai Ee – Another country liar (does everyone hate Malaysia!?)
3) Joanna – Who is a one time visitor, hope that changes (or maybe a lurker)
4) Shannon – Yup, the ‘superdrummer’
5) Kwan Wuey – The one time visitor
6) Chris Leow – Has helped me out a lot in speaker building and other stuff
7) Oh, just me =p

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – MY PARENTS, who have supported me having a website and allowing me to host it for long hours! Without my parents this website would not have existed!

I know it’s kinda lame, but anyway, thanks! And to all those other visitors that I might not know of, and to those ‘one-time’ visitors… I am sorry if I didn’t include your name here, please inform me if you think you’re worthy of such a high rank!

I shall put up an acknowledgements page for however long this website may live. Hopefully I’ll get more visitors from now on also.

I guess that’s all for now…

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