The simple thing which is almost extinct in these days. Where do you find REAL silence? Now, our ears are forever filled with the sound of cars, people talking, fans turning, machinary whirling, and so on. Now you have to make an effort to experience silence.

Silence is a beautiful thing. In silence, we are not disturbed, able to concentrate. Our thoughts therefore mature and we gain wisdom. In silence, you will be able to hear what God wants.

As they say, silence is golden. Now, silence is so precious yet many hardly appreciate it. Can you hear the sound of silence? The depth, that force which fills your ears when there are no sounds? Hear silence as you see the wind. Feel the effect of silence. For who has heard silence? Neither you nor I. But when silence comes, you will know.

The word ‘silence’ has such a great depth and can spin lots of thoughts. Many a time have I written a paragraph with just the word ‘silence’ and the effect is just amazing.

Why do people always need to express themselves through talk? There is a time to talk, no question about that, but talking is not the only way. Because by talking it is so easy to just go on, without meaning, there can come a point where talking isn’t enough. Take up the challenge of expressing oneself in a different way. Try writing.

Take a moment to have silence. It can calm you down (At least, it does for me), let you access your thoughts properly, without that fog which hinders the thinking process.

Nowadays people are also so busy. Rushing from one thing to another, forever occupied. Because of this, much of the arts have been lost. Think back to the rennaisance and baroque period. Look at how much intricate details have been put into the buildings. Building then was an art. Each person would hone their skills in a certain area and develop it to the best. Try looking at the cathedrals and old buildings. Where just unintresting drain pipes could have been used, instead they built gargoyles. Do you see nowadays any work done like that? The amount of work put into a project? Hardly.


Today there was hardly any teaching in school. So, I managed to complete Watership Down, it’s SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!! GO AND READ IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T!!! But unfortunately, we still got add math homework…

In other news, there was a class poll today. Questions such as who do you think is..
– the most hardworking
– the smartest aleck
– the best boy
– the best looking girl

right down to
– the flirtiest
– looks like a cookie monster ?!!?!?!
– looks like a teedy bear ??!?!?!

yeah stuff like that…interesting… it’s no wonder we got stuff like that when it was set by Clarice and Ying Shyen…haha

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