Just short news

Updated the acknowledgements section. Will put a link to a short intro on home hosting and servers when I finish, the unfinished version is here

And lastly, my friend was asking me a ‘riddle’ in school… Here it is..
On a chess board, there are 64 squares. Lets say you put 1 grain of rice on the first square, then double the amount (2 grains) on the second square, then double the amount (4 grains) on the third square, and so on, until all 64 squares have been filled up. So how many grains will there be all together on the board?

Quite a lot of math, so I took the cheating way out. I programmed a script to do the counting for me HERE
only later on did I realize that it was much easier, that is, the answer is……. 2^64 – 1 or something like that

okay that’s all, bye! CF tomorrow!! Yay!!

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