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My thoughts seem jumbled up. I can’t even think of an appropriate title for my posts these days. Does this go to say that I don’t have the ability to concentrate on a subject as a whole? Or am I too worried right down to the details? Or most likely, I have no purpose in my writing, with many paths winding and leading to many places. I need to have a specific theme in writing these posts..need to work on that. Or else you just have a random post which is otiose.

Got back the poll results today. As expected, I didn’t ‘win’ (winning could be bad or good) any awards, but got nominated for a few, such as – (the first five only had 1/2 votes, or 3 at the most)

– most hardworking (really ah? I never do any homework)

– smartest aleck (?!?!?!)

– looks like a cookie monster (Oh yeah? What’s a cookie monster? Do cookies have monsters? =p)

– quietest (maybe, possibly, but I don’t think I’m the quietest, I’m just quiet)

– bookworm (nope, sorry, that should go to my dad, you don’t want to see the tons of books in my house)

– most musical (I should have gotten this =p, but anyway hardly anyone in my class knows me as a musician, with the exception of those who are in CF, but anyway I don’t care =D)

– most tone-deaf (I was like, WHAT!? I’m on most musical and most tone-deaf? TOTAL OPPOSITES!! Then, I realized that I voted myself for fun, so.. that mystery was solved… wink.Errgh…voted myself, how weird)

– most tech-savvy (Another ‘maybe’, but I don’t care that I didn’t get it, it’s just a poll)

Maybe I got nominated for other things, but I can’t remember if I did. Oh yeah, I had a bit of fun insulting the people who prepared the poll through the paper..haha..

And I won’t list my exam marks here, sorry…

And yeah, because of Dewgem’s sneaky ways, now she’s in the ‘commenters’ list in the Acknowledgement section too… haha, just kidding…

I guess that’s all, bye!

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