Boring stuff..

Nothing profound for today…
1) New commenter – Jonathan Tan! Haha….this must be very lame, but because hardly anyone visits my site….

2) I didn’t fail my sejarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I did well, though

3) It didn’t rain even though I went for BK today…Although I wanted it to rain…

4) I have to burn 96 cds by next monday…and take 76 of them to school..

5) It is really hot.

6) I need a haircut

7) I have a busy day tomorrow

8) There’s a concert soon. Details HERE Make sure you go.

9) I am tired.

I guess that’s all.. I have no purpose in today’s post, it is just a post for the sake of posting…arrgh..

Oh yeah, Wei Soon really makes life complicated..

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