I was interviewed just now during orchestra practice… by The STAR newspaper… Yeah me, Hakimah and Siong Quen took pictures playing our instruments. The person doing the pictures moved me into a position which is absolutely impossible to play.. (They moved the piano seat about half a meter to the right)..and it was impossible to play while looking at the camera =p. After that one of them interviewed me and hakimah.

Hakimah was answering with like ‘I can’t remember’ “I don’t know” “I’m not sure” and things along those lines… hopefully I wasn’t as bad, I tried to answer everything that I was asked… Oh yeah, we were only told that we would be interviewed a few minutes before the actual interview.. so, it was a suprise, yeah..

Anyway I got back real late, because the practice was supposed to end at 7.30 but then it was changed to 8pm at the last minute… So, it has been a long day, and I think I’ll stop here..

Oh yeah, I”m not sure whether I mentioned it, but Soung Ern has been forcing me to play this really really stupid and senseless game called ‘typing of the dead’.. Yeah, type zombies to death, how lame..

At least it isn’t terrifying, but it’s silly, all the same..

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