Hmm…VERY late

Sorry for not updating =)
I was practically out the whole day yesterday, or when I was in, the computer couldn’t be used…and also I was really tired…

I woke up early yesterday morning, as I was doing the PA this week at church. Sam Ng was supposed to do it, but he couldn’t make it this week so I took his place… So I got to church, and the whole place was in darkness, so I turned on the lights, went upstairs to the A/V room, unlocked it, went downstairs backstage, turned on the stage power, then turned on the dimmer packs, then went upstairs and turned on the mixer (but one of them wasn’t turned on), then went downstairs and turned on the amps, then went upstairs and turned on the computer, then I checked the sound and discovered that the speaker processor wasn’t on, so I went back downstairs, turned down the amps, went back upstairs, turned on the processor, then went downstairs to turn up the amps, then went upstairs to check whether there was sound, then I went downstairs to make sure the stage was in order, then I went upstairs to get the wireless mic for the worship leader, then back downstairs to give it to him, then went back upstairs, and found that the mic I gave him wasn’t working, so I took the other mic to pass it to him, then the speaker asked for the clip-on mic, so I went back upstairs to get it and back downstairs to pass it to him and then back upstairs to do a soundcheck, well, you get the idea.

Service went fine, no problems with the sound system (besides me forgetting to unmute the backups). After service I went to JY to solve their PA problems. Ewe Jin invited me to join him and Ruth to go digital piano shopping, so I agreed. Went with them in Ewe Jin’s car. Ewe Jin’s car always seems to display the wrong time…

We drove to Soung Ern’s house to pick him up…we called him when we left church. Then Ewe Jin took the wrong turning and we ended up taking a really long detour to goodness knows where in the world, before finally reaching Soung Ern’s house. I said that Soung Ern has no excuse to keep us waiting now, but guess what? We waited for half an hour while he ‘got ready’. He’s a mad guy, that one.

After that we took lunch in McDees in some place. I didn’t have any money on me, then suddenly Soung Ern said that he still owed me RM30 from some time ago. So I didn’t need to starve and watch others eat. =P.

After lunch we headed to Kelana Jaya to the Yamaha building there to check out the digital pianos. We first went to the clavinovas… It wasn’t too bad, but I still think that nothing can replace a REAL piano. Nothing at all. You just can’t reproduce the same tone and colour and you can’t get the same touch. Spent quite a while playing on it… Then we went to check out the grand pianos.. I played on the 9ft grand (RM630,000). It was nice, but I think that all of the pianos were too new, they didn’t sound nice. And a few of them were out of tune. Soung Ern was going ‘HA!’ at every small mistake I made.

After that we headed back out and the three of us (Ewe Jin ran off to try out some synths) claimed a clavinova for each of ourselves (I got the lousiest). We had LOADS of FUN playing together….it was REALLY REALLY fun, even though it was on the verge of getting super messy.

We stayed there for quite a long time, and some organist decided to join us while we were playing ‘A Whole New World’. It was fun =).

Finally we decided to leave and we were telling Ewe Jin how he should treat us to an ice cream.

So we went to…what is the name of that shop? Ah..we went to Swensen’s and Ewe Jin treated us to a ‘Giant Earthquake’ – 8 scoops of ice cream. We chose really weird flavours… We had a lot of fun with that thing which spews out stuff which looks like smoke. I think it’s dry ice or something. Soung Ern dumped a cherry inside, I put water and tomato sauce, Ewe Jin put mayonnaise and some barbeque sauce, and Ruth was saying that she had no idea how she managed to end up spending her Sunday with a bunch of weird guys..=) We discovered that it reacts with water.

By the time I got home it was already past four.. I got down to burning the 70 CDs for CF straight away. The computer jammed 3 times during the burning process (at least one of them, I used 2 computers) and I finished the burning at 7pm…after that was all the labeling and putting them into their packets, and also testing a few random ones.

In the end I didn’t have any time at the computer until 10pm, and then my sister wanted the computer, although I wanted it too. But I decided to be nice and I passed it to her. I instead took the laptop and started writing my post. Then suddenly the laptop jammed and I lost my whole post. As I was tired and it was late, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to post for yesterday.

Well, here it is…

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