Geoshell Anniversary

Hmm, I think this deserves a note.. It’s been about a year since I started using GeoShell, the coolest shell around.. Basically a shell is the interface that you use on your computer to do stuff… For example, windows users use the default ‘Explorer (nickname Exploder)’ shell, where you have your bar at the bottom of the page, you have the start menu, desktop, icons on your desktop…

Now, I switched over to GeoShell. The other great shell is Litestep… If you wanna see my GeoShell and what it looks like, here are the snapshots =
Here 1 – With no programs open
Here 2 – With programs minimized
Here 3 – With the menus open (Right click and middle click)

It’s much more powerful than explorer, faster, easier to use, more features, doesn’t crash, looks nicer, neater, cleaner, configurable, cool, and BEST of all, IT IS NOT EXPLORER!!! NOT MICROSOFT!!! Haha…

I’m thinking of switching over to linux, but my dad doesn’t want to..

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