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Went to JY at 10.30…actually, I got to church at 10.30, found the gate closed, and waited for 5 minutes outside until I discovered that Ewe Jin and Chris were already inside… So I went in too…

We disassembled the ENTIRE PA system in JY (took about an hour) and reset it up again (took about 8 hours)… it would have taken a shorter time if not for some reasons which I will touch on later…

Found this interesting AKG microphone which wouldn’t produce a sound when you shout into it, but if you tap the microphone it seems as though it’s working properly. Also got 3 ‘new’ (2nd hand) Shure BG1.1 mics, sound slightly better than the Shure Prologues, but not as good as the SM58s in my opinion.

At 2 o’clock, Ewe Jin suddenly popped in and told me I was on duty for main sanctuary tomorrow… I was like, WHAT!?

Well, not much choice, so I did PA for main sanc. It sounded horrible (not because of me, it’s just that the band isn’t as good as what I’ve been hearing the past few days at ‘The Edge’ – see past posts on it). I think sound-wise it sounded much better than at FGA, but the music was….whatever
Amplified Garbage. Good sounding crap..??

Helped out to do feedback detection & destruction on the clipon mic after the practice, after which I headed back to JY to continue our work. Finally finished at 7pm…

What a day.

And now I’m kinda sick of coconuts. Had one earlier. There was just so much flesh that I was getting nausea from it. No more coconuts for a few days at least… =p

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