I feel so stupid….

I had the chance, given to me….

But I didn’t take it…

How stupid…

asehgoawehgfiowefjakl;fjasdkl;fjheuoapbr aj5tglnaehiobj rleahgihawegiobvhawerioythgahoitagygouiahweuipgv

But I digress..
Anyway the last day of the conference was fine…very tired by then. The workshops were quite good, went for the forum on worship ministry, got questions like “How do you throw band members out?” Haha, that was asked by Ruth Ng… some good questions other than that also…

After that I went for 2 sessions of ‘The Worship Band’… Quite good, seeing how the band interacts together and plans out for the stuff they play, and of course, how they play also… They were really good..

The night concert was okay, altered frequency had nice drum & bass solos… Though I nearly fell asleep during the concert because I was really tired…

Bah, don’t feel like writing much..Maybe I’ll get someone else to post on The Edge also..

I’m going to church in a few minutes time to clear up and change the PA system of JY..

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