I wonder and wonder

You know, one thing that I’ve come to realise is that almost all of my friends are older than me… Some in form 5, and others in their late teens or in their twenties. Some of them are even working already…

I do wonder why that’s so….Any comments on why?

And yeah, I can hardly find any people of my age (form 4) who share my interests. Go to a ‘typical’ form 4 guy….his interests might be playing sports, playing computer games, listening to music, watching TV, what else? I don’t know…

In fact, almost none of the guys in my class listen to music as well, and those others who do listen to music only listen to rock/pop/metal/whatever… They like to ‘keep in style’. If a song is old then it’s no longer that good, for enough people. They always have to keep up with the latest, the mostest, the best… None of them do programming, build speakers, read, write, listen to CLASSICAL music, play piano, compose music, enjoy HiFi, THINK, or whatever else.

What’s wrong with guys these days? Do they just have to continue with their childish ways of playing computer or their playstations or whatever new toy is out there (Not that games are outright bad, although some are, they’re basically okay. Only when they just PLAY and PLAY PLAY PLAY, then it becomes something else…Personally, I don’t understand the need to play computer games, I haven’t really played computer games in the past 2 years or so.

Yeah, a few girls do share my interest in music and so on…but I do want some guys too..so I end up with people older than me…

And PA, people think I’m really weird to have these kind of interests. There’s nothing wrong with PA/AV stuff…


But I still enjoy the group of friends that I do have, although I can’t really get to see them that often, because they’re either at work, or in college, or in a different form.

Life’s tough.

Yeah I know I just said in my last post that I didn’t really feel like writing much, but I just wanted to write this…so..yeah..

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