Realization has hit me. Why? WHY? WHHHYY!? no…
there’s HOMEWORK to do!! And I’ll be out the next few days…
ARRRGH! Bleh! Blerrgh! Bah! grrrr! asdfjkl;

Anyway, I’m in no mood to do my homework now…=

’tis but confusion, paths laid down before me. Clouded the way is, unseeing eyes making rash decisions. How would I know where it lies? For it is unclear.

He stumbles in the darkness, pierced by his own decisions; to take steps forward, in unknowing and wondering. A thorn, unseen by the blind, may pierce his foot. But in another corner might lay, precious stones and worth. So on which side will he decide to place his mind? For time passes, and one cannot stay forever.

So many thoughts, so much uncertainty.

As it is for England. There’s so much uncertainty in going to England. The problems about the money, my faith. On the top of the list is the money matters. So much money to collect, so, wait for all of it to come or just a part of it before deciding whether to go?

I don’t know really. And there’s also relationships…….. crying
What decisions to make?

Pray, and pray…

But still…..it’s confusing and uncertain..

I’ve said those words a lot, it seems, in this post.

In other news I finally got my DVD of JY easter burnt and I’ve watched it, it’s okay, and I have to get up at 6.20am tomorrow.


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