Why do posts have to have titles?

Woke up late today. There’s nothing like lazing about in bed, hearing the pattering of raindrops falling on the roof and ground outside. Nothing like absorbing the gloominess of the greyish sky with slight rumbles of thunder. Nothing like going below the sea of blankets.

But…All *good* things have to come to an end (At least, MOST good things). I had to wake up to take a phone call…

Had breakfast, lunch, then dinner, then went to bed…Nope..

Yes, I did have breakfast, then I turned the clothes and cleared up the house… then I had lunch. Found out that my visitor today would be coming at 1pm instead of the previously arranged 4pm..but..not much difference anyway. Yeah, entertained the visitor from Ipoh…

Found and played some of my compositions from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…=p like
‘Dancing Butterflies’ – composed at 8 yrs old;
‘Happy Day Parade’ – composed at 9 yrs old;
‘A Waltz for my Mother’ – composed at 10 yrs old.

It’s been a really really long time since I’ve heard those compositions, so, yeah, it was interesting to be playing them again. I’ll probably put them on my site when I finish putting them into the computer (They’re on manuscript paper at the moment, handwritten, original =) )

Anyway my computer crashed just now, probably because it had been on for too long.

Feel lazy to write anything too comprehensive, so..I’ll call it quits for now.

Going to Jalan Pasar on Wed/Thurs. If you want to go tell me! =)

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