Nothing better to do

“Get up!” says one half. “Go back to sle..e..e..p…zzzzz,” yawns the other half. Which should I obey? But it turns out that I don’t have a choice. “Rrrringg!” goes the bell. Looks like I have no choice but to get up.

I woke up at 6.25am this morning. After pressing the snooze button countless times (well, okay, 6 times) I had to force myself to climb out of bed and refrain from the temptation of going back to sleep. Why did I promise to wake up so early?

Opening the door, a gust of cold air sweeps about me. The cold breeze brings my mind out of its stupor. It is a long time that I’ve had cold air – why was it so cold up here?. The spaceship is as cold as ever. Looking out the thick window, I see stars wheeling around, bigger than one can imagine, engulfed with heat and power. Oh, Burn hot burn hot giant star, how I wonder what you are. Not so little. Some are big, red giants and supergiants just a little way from the spaceship.

I unlocked the door and pulled it open. A gust of cold air meets me, bringing my sleepy body into a more alert state. It is such a long time since I last felt a cool breeze. It is fantastic after the long hot days. I looked up high above. The usual sight of Orion, Sirius, and the twins of Gemini twinkle modestly so high above. Oh, twinkle twinkle little star(s), how I wonder what you are. So high above in the deep blue sky, a patch of cloud pasted against the sky here and there.

Why did I promise to wake up so early? Yes, our ship would be meeting with another ship to pass them some equipment. –“Rendevous point closing in 5 minutes. Vector 45 degrees, lightspeed 0.35. Turn, down angle 5 degrees, tilt angle -10 degrees, yaw 20 degrees for ten seconds. Contact is closing rendevous point. Prepare cargo bay to send equipment to the contact.”

Why did I promise to wake up so early? Yeah, now I remember.. Shern Ren had to come over to my house to collect some equipment for his CF camp which starts today. He had told me that he would come at 6.30. So I got the equipment ready (snare drum and snare drum stand) and waited.

Rendevous point reached. Where is the contact? Nothing but a vacuum surrounding the spaceship, blackness. It is empty. We wait, and wait. For such a long time. I start to fall asleep again. Then I decide to go to the control panel and do some mantainance while waiting for our contact.

Hmm…6.30am…6.32am….6.35am…..6.40am……6.45am… Time does pass slowly, doesn’t it? Where is Shern Ren? Nothing but silence around the house. Now and then a car passes by but it is not Shern Ren. Where could he be? I nearly fall asleep waiting for him… I decide to go to the computer and check on things while waiting for him. Bah, he told me 6.30 and it’s already 6.50….what could have happened?

Time passes slowly, even while doing mantainance work… Finally, after a long time, the COM panel starts blinking and beeps. It is a message from our contact. *static* “We will be reaching the rendevous point in 10 minutes from now, universal time.” Thought they had said 6.30am, why are they an hour late? But now is not the time to argue anyway, so I say okay. Already my fellow shipmates are waking up.

I gazed stupidly out of the window, waiting earnestly for a car to come, carrying within it Shern Ren, so that I can pass him the stuff and go back to sleep. Finally, at 7.15am, the phone rang. Shern Ren was on the line. “I will be coming in 10 minutes time”. Hmm…he told me yesterday that he would come at 6.30am. Now that’s a very BIG difference. But, whatever it is, nothing can change the time now. So I don’t push it.

Contact finally comes. I am able to dump of our equipment on their ship, and at last my task for the morning is done. It has been a long morning. I should have made them wait another 10 minutes after they arrived, but I was too tired to be evil.

Shern Ren finally comes. It is a relief to have finally completed my task for the morning. I won’t get back the snare until friday, though. I should have made him wait for 10 minutes when he came, but I was too tired to be that evil. After all, doesn’t Shern Ren like to be evil? =p Just kidding.

So, that’s it… I went back to sleep…

I have piano class in a few minutes time so I’ll stop here.
Going to Jalan Pasar tomorrow…

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