Of Ice-cream and chinchillas

Haha… Just came back from Swensen’s…

Anyway I spent the evening after dinner cutting the grass. Silly grasscutter, hardly works at all. I put the grasscutter on the grass and I have to wait for 5 seconds before that TINY patch of grass gets cut at all. =

But I still managed to complete the job before the sun went down. After that I calibrated my speakers (earplugs in, extreme volume) and did some stuff at the computer… then Soung Ern suddenly messaged me, like “Wanna go for ice-cream? Ewe Jin just SMS’ed me.”

So I was like, fine, no problem, why say no? Haha. Soung Ern messaged me “Get ready NOW!” so I got ready quickly and waited for 5 minutes.
Nobody… So I sat down at the piano, played about 5 pieces, practised my octaves scales and did countless technical excersises, quite a lot of octaves and repeated notes.

Still nobody stopped outside the house. Then my sis wondered whether she could go, so I was like, fine, I’ll ask Ewe Jin when he comes.

Waited and waited.

I assumed that the delay could have been caused by 3 problems –
1) He picked up Soung Ern first, that means a very LONG wait… since Soung Ern usually takes a very long time to get ready.
2) They decided not to take me along =(
3) It was canceled.

Well, as it turned out, none of the above. In the end, it was because EWE JIN WAS LATE!! Haha, that’s a new one. He was like half an hour late…
So, sorry, Soung Ern, I assumed wrongly…

We went to Swensen’s (earthquake day, 50% price off the normal price). Yeah I still remember the last time that me, Ewe Jin, Ruth and Soung Ern went to Swensen’s, we were all praying for a parking lot, taking turns to say one word of the prayer…Then I think there was this stupid driver and it was Soung Ern’s turn to say his one word, and he said ‘MORON’. HHaha…next thing, there was a free parking lot right in front of us…=

The power of prayer? Is it? I don’t think it had anything to do with Soung Ern saying that though…=p

But anyway today we got a parking lot, not much problem…

We sat upstairs in Swensen’s.. Ordered one giant earthquake (8 scoops of ice-cream, all different flavours chosen by us mad people, oh yeah, it was Me, Ewe Jin, Ruth, my sis, and soung ern – notice how his name is last and uncapitalized =p) 2 french fries, and soung ern ordered extra, that is, a steak and some chicken wings. He’s worried about his cholestrol level now..

Had fun, ate lots of ice-cream, sang along with Soung Ern songs from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ (If you haven’t watched it yet, go and watch it right now, it’s an excellent show, REALLY REALLY GOOD MUSIC). Yeah we were getting stuck everywhere and so on… Soung Ern left halfway.

Lastly we played with the sauce, mixed the barbeque sauce with mayonnaise and then added water and then tissue ( A LOT OF TISSUE), and finally added the ‘Swensen’s’ logo on top of it…gross and disgusting.. hey, my sis started it!

Stopped by the pet shop on the way there and back, saw a chinchilla (I think that’s how its spelt =p) and commented on how much it resembled Ewe Jin, though slightly cuter than Ewe Jin..Haha, it was really funny. Ruth said that he would threaten to make me walk home. =p

Anyway, fun night yeah… Will end here, going to Jalan Pasar tomorrow WITHOUT Soung Ern, because Soung Ern is too lzy to wake up early to go.. so I’ll be going only with Chris… Gonna buy new drivers to replace the busted ones in my current pair of DIY speakers…

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