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Here’s a post for you techie/audiophile guys… I just fit in the new drivers to my speakers which I built myself (yes, I’m proud of having built my own speakers)…

picture of speakers
One of the speakers I built…with the new driver…(the white thingy)

picture of speakers
The whole system (4.1 channels) – The two ‘tower’ speakers on the far left and far right (Front left and right channels) are built by none other than ME!

The huge cube on the floor is the subwoofer, also built by me..it’s HUGE, and is almost my weight…I can’t even carry it myself, and I have yet to find someone else who can carry it…

Unfortunately, those two black speakers on top of the subwoofer are not built by me… but anyway, they sound the worst of all the speakers in the pic – haha… Goes to show that self-built stuff can be really good as well…

picture of speakers
Another pic of the system with me sitting on the sub… Yes, I can jump on the sub and nothing happens… Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I actually built two of those gigantic speakers, but one’s not in the picture..it’s somewhere else…

picture of speakers
The amplifier which I use to power the subwoofer and my left and right speakers. I use a smaller amp for the rear speakers..


Left and Right speakers –
Range – (using -3dB from 100Hz) 45Hz – 20KHz
Range – (using -10dB from 100Hz) 30Hz – 20KHz
Cabinet type – Transmission line, built from 18mm thick MDF
Max input power – 250W RMS
Drivers – 1x 1″ Dome tweeter and 1x 5.5″ mid-bass compressed paper cone driver.
Bi-amp and Bi-wired capable. Accepts wires, banana plugs, spades.
16kg each

Range – (using -3dB from 100Hz) 27Hz until crossover frequency
Range – (using -10dB from 100Hz) 20Hz until crossover frequency
Cabinet type – Sealed (acoustic suspension), built from 2 layers of 18mm MDF
Max input power – 500W RMS
Drivers – 1x 12″ Subwoofer driver with oversized rubber surrounds
Weight ABOUT 55kg

Rear left and right speakers –
Range – (using -3dB from 100Hz) 55Hz – 20KHz
Range – (using -10dB from 100Hz) 40Hz – 20KHz
Cabinet type – Bass reflex, built from 1 layer 9mm particle board, veneered
Max input power – 100W RMS
Drivers – 1x 4.5″ papercone driver, 1x 2″ aluminium dome tweeter
Weight about 3.5kg each

1000W RMS into 4 channels at 4 ohms (250W per channel)
I have bridged 2 channels together for the subwoofer so it gets 500W while the two main speakers get 250W each.

The amplifier for the rear speakers is rated at 60W per channel at 8 ohms…

Well..I guess that’s it for now.

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