New drivers?

Hmm…just a boring post on what I’ve done today – boring right?


I just couldn’t go to sleep yesterday (well, actually early this morning)…I was up until like 2.30am…tossing and turning about…I wonder why I couldn’t sleep, maybe it was because of the Swensen’s ice-cream =p.

I was supposed to be picked up at 10.30am to go to Jalan Pasar… so I woke up at 9.50am..I was actually supposed to wake up earlier, but I was just TOOO tired..

Waited from 10.30, but no one came….
I fell asleep while waiting, and finally at 11.30am Chris called me to say that he was coming. Whew…at last…
I wonder why nowadays I end up waiting for 1hr or so for people to come…

Uneventful trip to Jalan Pasar, uneventful stay at Jalan Pasar, uneventful trip back home from Jalan Pasar… =)

Got the prices of the stuff we might want to buy, and I got new drivers to replace those which those guys from CF blew up… But I think the old ones look nicer (they were blueish with a purple tint from one angle and greyish purple from another angle).. The new ones are whitish (with a slight marble texture), silverish and slightly gold from certain angles..

I am destroying my ears now with booms and bangs from the new drivers. So don’t disturb me =p

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