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Went to KLCC today to see the orthodontist… I’ll be glad when my treatment is over, I’ve been having braces since standard 2!! Don’t bother counting how many years that is…

Anyway, they have this small glass container in the clinic with 3 fishes in it… Today I went to look at it, and I could only see two of them.. So I asked about the third one, you know what? The two female fishes(in the glass container) had been bullying and biting the male fish until the male fish had its tail bitten off (partly). So they separated the males and the females..

Now, what do you think of that eh? The females bullying the male… interesting… Don’t get any ideas, for those of you gals who read this!! Haha..

[random thought]
Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea that I repaired my speakers, now my hearing is getting worse and worse =p

[random update]
Added a few more links in the ‘links’ section..Of late, more people on my MSN list seem to be advertising their sites using their nicknames =p I wonder why….

arrrgh……..I just can’t get my thoughts together today……arrgh

Anyway, what’s happened to this generation? There’s a breakdown in recognition of authority and no respect for the rules. You see it especially on the roads, where people just do what they want to, break lights, cut cues, speed, simply come out of junctions without looking, although I think it is probably more because they don’t care. Look at the amount of rape cases, abductions, and murders. When will all this stop?

Even in our own circle of friends we can see this happening, like kids just breaking the rules, like in JY, I tell them go stop playing with the mixer, but they just won’t listen.

Why? Even in our families, me included, we just don’t listen to our parents sometimes. We rebel against them, try to act smarter, and procrastinate our duties..

I think it is important that we change our attitudes. We have to stop thinking of just ourselves and thigns that will only benifit us – We have to build up our faith and obey… We have to make a difference, and really go out there and do something which not only honours God, but also contributes to society. Let us do something to change the look of our generation…

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