Crushed fingers

Ahh…it rained this morning…..but NOT ENOUGH!! It hardly made any difference to the temperature, and just made it even more humid.

Went to church, hardly anyone there when we arrived…but it filled up after a while. Got a new Yamaha clavinova to replace the old grand piano.. The sound it produced was better, but the problem was that it was all the same tone colour – boring. I was getting tired of the sound even though it was better than the grand… But Yeap Ewe Jin still thinks that it’s better…..grmph..can’t change his views..=

Fell asleep…it has been too hot at night to get proper rest…

Went to JY after the service and found the DI boxes left ON! Grr…more battery power wasted. I spent my time there scolding the kids, because they were running around the equipment, jumping over wires and circling the amplifiers, playing chasing… I just don’t understand it…why don’t they listen? When I tell them to go out, they don’t listen at all.. Later on they were PURPOSELY shaking (and I mean SHAKING) the mic stands, with the RM400 microphones on top..I tell you..every time I see these things happening, I just get angrier and angrier, WHY do they just play with these things, but more, DON’T listen when they’re told to stop? God help me.

And I am AMAZED at the language that those small kids use now..I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE WHY or HOW they use and learnt that language.. Really…I can’t put this into writing, I’m just feeling………………… Kids these days, really…

I collected Chris’ snare and snare stand…and went up to the AV room..and helped Ewe Jin out a bit to set up the stuff for the kids practice for father’s day which is next week…

Left church at 11.30am, got home, quickly took lunch, loaded the drums into the car…and then took my bath and headed to Bangsar..

Got there and couldn’t find the place that the orchestra was playing…Walked around until finally found the place, it was OUTSIDE of the building.. So I got someone to help me unload the drums and then I set up the drums and waited… Checked out the system setup.. Then while moving the piano, I crushed my fingers.. Yeah, it bled under the skin and was really painful…but no choice, had to go on… so I played the whole concert with the painful finger, but tried to ignore it best as I could…

Adib was really good with his singing (actually he stole all the attention for the whole concert, but it doesn’t matter to me, he was REALLY cute…and good)

Took some pics of the drumset in my churches main sanctuary to ‘satisfy’ Shannon’s need to look at drumsets… I’ll just put one here..


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