In the last minutes of Saturday

Hope I can put this entry in before 12am… =)

Woke up at 8.30am this morning…to go to school at 9.30 to do duty for Sihathon Day… Enjoyed myself at school, as there wasn’t that much duty to do… I chatted with the other people on duty (mostly CF’ers).. Got there, went to report to Dewgem, I was doing duty in the blood donation room, with Hock Jeen (!) as boss…Basically, the only duties was to make sure that the doors of the rooms were not blocked up… and to welcome people into the room…

So, as there were only 2 rooms, and about 12 people on duty, obviously there wasn’t that much to do… So we watched people getting jabbed by needles (18-SG) and taking pics..

Relatively uneventful morning, but fun… Got to meet up with some old friends too…

So the ‘duty’ took my time up to 12.30, after which I returned home and went for music class at 1.30… Class was disrupted a lot today by people wanting to hear Vivian’s (my music teacher) arrangements… and also by a violin ‘performance’. Haha…so didn’t really do much in class..

After class, went to JY, where I did the PA..and it was (kind of) garbage in, garbage out…. then left for home to do some recording… which I won’t mention, because I’m too lazy to do so..

Had AV meeting at 9pm right until 11.10pm…after which I returned home and….here…

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