So… you update your virus list every week, scan for viruses everyday, scan for spyware using 2 programs twice a day, cool down your computer with 6 fans, defrag every day, scandisk everyday, windoctor everyday…and..everything will work correctly, right?



Today my streamyx stopped working, then after that my firewall and antivirus stopped working… and in the end my website has been down for such a long period of time..

I had to uninstall my firewall and antivirus and reinstall them…then I scanned for all the silly stuff, had to do updates..


At least I finally got it back into working order.. But yeah, computers are tough.. they can be great at one moment, and fail at the next moment..

Anyway.. I actually wanted to do more recording today, but I guess that that will have to wait…

Yeah, I started a mail server…so…now…[email protected]

I can put anything I want to put!! Ahahahaha

If you want to read about the blood donation programme, read about it HERE (Dewgem’s blog).

Sunday morning…couldn’t wake up until my mom had to call me…went to church, sat upstairs, and accidently turned of the recording of the sermon… =(

At 11am went with Jia Jian and Chris Leow to SAE (School of Audio Engineering), it was okay…but a bit…um…basic and boring? haha

Bah..don’t want to update much now, just solved about a thousand probs in my computer, so, bye!!

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