Shorter and shorter, every day, shorter and shorter, every way, Jesus is changing me (he’s changing me)

What time did I wake up this morning? Technically, I woke up at 8.40am… know why? I spent the first two periods in school zzzzing…

Yeah..then had physics, where we did this experiment to find the acceleration of gravity.. As you should know, the acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s/s… And since there is some friction, we should have gotten a value lower than that… But you know what we got? We got 10 m/s/s!! Now that’s weird.. Yeah, I said that that area of that room had a higher strength of gravity =p

Anyway… I stayed back the longest ever in school today…dunno why… was supposed to pray with Shannon about BK quiz..but..ended up reciting Acts until 1.40pm… then chatted and ‘lepaked’ =p Then went to the library with Shannon where he apparently wanted to ‘study’, then found Zhi Loon there and they irritated me so much that I had to leave… grr..

Got back home at 2.40pm with Shannon, he wanted to do recordings.. So..yeah..drum recordings… fun fun fun… drum solos…one handed solos… wanna hear 11 seconds of my one hand solo? You can stream / download it Here. It’s only 11 seconds because after that Shannon started irritating me (okay not irritating, but after that he started playing too, so it was no longer one hand =p)

But yeah, fun afternoon… should do more recording…

Now I need to go and memorize more of Acts!

Arrgh… posts seem to be becoming shorter and shorter by the day..

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