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I’m so bored… Been playing piano, studying Acts, reading ‘That Hideous Strength’ but……………still……bored……

I don’t know what to do…. chatting? nope…
Playing computer games? Nope, even more boring (Yes Ewe Jin?)
Sleeping? Nope, not tired, can’t fall asleep…

I feel like chatting and talking with my friends… You know, sometimes I envy Calvin and Hobbes, because Calvin always has Hobbes to talk with and share his thoughts with..

Sometimes when I’m bored, I write also…. but, I’ve been doing this stuff the whole day… so.. it’s been boring.. I should have stayed in school longer, but I was afraid that it was going to rain.. But anyway, by 2pm, all my friends at school are also gone..

I also feel loneliness in my class… I don’t have any friends there (as in guys).. they just…they don’t read, they don’t listen to music, they don’t play the piano, they don’t write, they don’t talk about tech… they don’t talk about sound.. Some others just talk about computer games… which, I…okay for them, but I don’t see the point.. where can games take you? Sure, it does bring jobs for a very SMALL number of people.. but other than that… for me it’s a waste of time.

I told someone today, there’s no boring place if you have a good book. =p Then why do I feel bored now? Sure, reading the books are fun.. but..

Perhaps it’s a different kind of bored… call it loneliness.. I need company… You know, the one thing that I’ll miss so dearly if I go off to England is CF.. Almost ALL my friends are in the CF, and I can’t ever express how much they have helped me out, how much I’ve grown in CF… and how I’ve made new friendships… Because I was accepted in CF, even when no one really knew me at the beginning, and I was taken care off..

Actually, yeah, now I think of it, CF is the thing I’ll miss MOST of all in my life.. Even though I don’t really think of it, when I really sit down, and think… My jokingness, friendships, seriousness, growth, care, cheekiness, all has come from CF… Of course, I meant jokingness and cheekiness in a good way..

Where will I Christian friends who come for prayer meetings, just gather together, and pray for one another besides CF? Where would I find encouragement?

And yeah, all the bookmarks that I use have come from CF as well.. Every time I look at my handmade bookmarks, I learn something new… It’s also a pity that I’ve run out of bookmarks now.. =(

But yeah… CF is where I found people who shared my interests.. Or even if there is none of the usual interests shared, there’s one common one – the CF, prayer, spiritual growth, and all..


I’ve only found people in CF whom I can recite Acts to them, and after that they’re still my friends =p Nah, okay, that was a bit of a joke.. but yeah, where’s the fun of reciting Acts unless someone recites / checks it with you?
I really owe so much to my CF…

Okay, enough rambling on and on..

Today, school was okay, spent my whole time there just reading and reading… Wish I had some guy friends in my class…

Chatted after school with some friends…(There’s nothing like actually talking to someone face to face, unlike MSN and ICQ, although those are fun too, in their own immature ways)

It looked like it was going to rain, so I walked home… And… remained bored for the rest of the whole day..

I’ve listened hundreds of times to my recordings by now, hearing only the mistakes and bad points.. So, I don’t know how good they really are.. since I say that they’re all lousy.. =

One question, how do you deal with people who start teasing you about *liking* someone when it’s not true? Bah, the two of them are were really irritating yesterday..

Guess I’ll stop at this point..

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