Jusst aa ss hort *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

I might not be updating as often in the month to come, A LOT to prepare for, BK SPM quiz, England….

REALLY I need to study my Acts and Luke.. The quiz is only 6 weeks away!! OH NO!!!! ARRGH!! I’m going to die!!

Anyway… was sports day today in school… Filled my time reading “That Hideous Strength”

Arrgh I’m trying to read more than I can… I have to increase my reading time…. Just too much stuff I want to read but not enough time… =

I wanted to study some Luke/Acts too, but, of course, no time..

Had cell later on, then BK… Nearly fell asleep in BK classs…

then got back real late…..and now I’m gonna keep this real short, too tired…

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