Concerts? Piano-ing?

Hey guys sorry for not updating..Yesterday night I was was too engrossed talking to my friend(s) that yeah… didn’t manage to post..

Yeah… continuing from the last post… yeah..I went to sleep so late because I was busy reading “That Hideous Strength”, which is such a good book…

My sister’s friends from Seremban came over for the day (plus the night and the next morning too…

As I said earlier, I had a concert on the 26th of June (yesterday) at Renneisance Hotel (I think that the spelling is wrong)… and we were supposed to be there at 4pm.. so I called up my music school to see whether class was canceled (1.30 – 3.30 pm) and they said it was canceled. So I relaxed for a while, then started to write out a post (the previous post). Then suddenly halfway through the phone rang, and I found out that there was class!!! So……refer to my last post, you know what I did… I rushed to class… still doing blues, but starting in Latin American…

Then I got home at 3.40 and immidiately dismantled the drums and started carrying them to the car.. Then suddenly I got a phone call telling me NOT to bring the drums, because there was already a drumset there….. blerrgh..
I ALREADY dismantled it!! Ah.. but anyway yeah… I still took the cymbals anyway..

The traffic was suprisingly good today… And I reached the hotel at 4.40…which was…. late…


The piano was in the worst position possible for a player, it wasn’t even ON the stage at all, was about 15 meters away from the conductor, a podium was in the middle between the piano and the conductor… so, I couldn’t SEE AT ALL, and I couldn’t HEAR at all also. It was really horrible, really horrible.. I couldn’t hear whether I was balanced out with the rest of the orchestra..

And the sound men were REALLY unprofessional.. Not enough mics, not enough mic stands, don’t know where to put the mics, the wireless kept on having inteference, they didn’t know how to mute properly… but..whatever.couldn’t do anything about it..

After the sound check we went down to have dinner, which was provided by the hotel. Now as you should know, you don’t get good food (since you’re not the main people, just the performers). Had some crappy rice (ricey crapping again =p umm..never mind if you didn’t understand that, but someone should) and some crappy chicken.. No vegetables.. some tasteless orange juice and water…

Could have been worse though. ( Or, it COULDN’T have been worse =p)

Just hang around the rest of the time, doing nothing much.. took some pics… went to listen to the band which was going to perform… nothing much else..

Performance? I don’t know.. really…I have no idea how it sounded. I only know how I sounded, and it seemed to be all wrong..

I don’t want to talk about it. Ask my teacher…

Came home…went to the computer… talked to Shannon, Timothy, Wai Ee and Clarice, who hasn’t been online for a long time…

until… I went to my room and fell asleep..

Today is hot..


And I need a new computer..
And I need to get 12 injections..around that..

I’ll be off now, before you fall asleep..

oh yeah, regarding my piano playing and my recordings, here’s a snippet of a chat with my friend :

Me: so…. how was the pianist in the CD I passed to you?
ricey: the pianist wuz you rite?
Me : why do you say so? =p Because the pianist made so many mistakes? =p
ricey: it just sounded like ular…..
Me: really ah? how? =p
ricey: and no, u din make that many mistakes….


ricey: erm… actually i slept while listening 2 the 3rd song… soree;ah, super sleepy last nite….


ricey: really… ill try 2 listen 2 it 2 nite….if i dont sleep….
me: we’ll see.. we’ll see..I guess we all know the outcome =p
ricey: ??
Me: *zzzzzzzzzzz* just kidding
ricey: hmmph…..
Me: haha….you know…I was so bored on thursday that I listened to my recordings about a hundred times…then I fell asleep =p
so you’re excused if you fall asleep =p
ricey: wow… im soo honored to be allowed to fall asleep while listening to THE great and wonderful hoong ern…..*hint, hint…sacarsm*
Me: rrriight… I’m so honoured to have such polite listeners which don’t make any sound when I’m performing, as in, real silence, to experience the real essence of music *hint, hint…sarcarsm*

——————… people fall asleep while listening to me play the piano, apparently.. =p Sorry ricey, just wanted to put that in.. Just don’t do more than kill me!

I’d better put a sudden bang on the piano at certain points in my playing so that they will wake up, if they have fallen asleep =p

I guess that’s it for now..bye

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