lost in thought

Madness, today was.
Torture during English – oral…
Pair work, a partner who wasn’t in class the whole week last week, whom I don’t know (I was forced to be with him), not that he’s bad, but still, disaster.


But really, I don’t know where all my friends are.

I’m going to have to take jabs tomorrow..or some other time.. but..errgh..more injections?

Finishing ‘That Hideous Strength’, just a few more pages to go. C.S. Lewis is a great writer. If you get hold of those books, make sure you read them…

Joshua came today to my house, to ‘bum’ around.

I’m never going to sit in Soung Ern’s car, if he’s driving it. Or rather, ANY car which he drives. Yes, I want to stay alive.

I’m tired.

Did she mean what she said to me the other day? Or did she not? I don’t know. And did I mean what I told her? And was the following sentence an excuse? No one has said that to me before…

I’m deaf from playing too much drums…

My site traffic has dropped a lot.

Dewgem has lost her job and has been taken over by Ewe Jin.

It’s so hot..

There! I managed to make a post of the more RANDOM stuff ever possible =p

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