An overdue post posted late

Today….first had gotong royong in school… always to put on a good face for the parents tomorrow..Though I guess that some parents would see through it… Haha..nah, my school isn’t THAT dirty, but still, dirty, yeah.

Had to pick up lotsa rubbish from the floor and from within the longkang.. disgusting school =p ..We also put some rocks in so that the bag would ‘seem’ to be heavier… =p Shhhhh!!

Had more oral tests today, but I didn’t have to do anything…the others did it.. Interesting topics, some were, but some of them I could not hear..

Had prayer meeting today….. Was normal, but NOT ENOUGH GUYS!!!! Where are the form 3 guys? =

Anyway, the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. I went home straight after school because I was supposed to go to the clinic, but after reaching home, my mom decided that it would have been a bit of a rush, so we delayed the trip to the doctor…

Then had music class…. After that Joshua, came to my house to ‘bum’ around. Haha… he came to load some stuff into his mp3 player… Took a really long time, didn’t manage to finish it, had to stop it halfway..

Dewgem is really flooding my chatbox and NO! I am not dating her…….. as if, Ewe Jin…… the two of you should get together =p The ‘king’ and ‘queen’ of my chatbox…

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