The end of June

Well, last post of the month…
My left arm is hurting…. from all those jabs… imagine…record amount of jabs in a day!!

Haha…anyway…There’s now nonsense chat in the chatbox between Me, Ewe Jin (ionStorm) and Dewgem. Don’t take any notice of what has been written there, most of them are jokes / nonsense…

Anyway, back to school tomorrow. *Sigh*

I calibrated my sound system (RTA + EQ’ing) but I didn’t have a calibrated mic, so I had to use a Shure BG1.1, which is probably going to make the readings quite inaccurate… Seelah, whether I can get a frequency response chart of the BG1.1… then I can software ‘calibrate’ the mic….

Other than blasting the whole house down and taking much rest today, I guess it has been quite uneventful..

ARRGH my arm!!

Hmm…I wonder whether I have to do my BM oral presentation tomorrow, if I do have to, I’m kinda DEAD…

I’ve had pointless conversations today. I’m going to go off now.. Bye..

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