…..I can’t think of a title

Blerggh. What a day. Bleh..

I was waken up early in the morning because the neighbour at the back was (as usual) BLASTING music which really sounded lousy from where I was, and it was NOISY and LOUD, and you know….. Irritating…. But, I have to look at it in a positive way.. At least (these immigrants) are listening and screaming to music instead of robbing people or creating trouble out there. =)

Went for group class 11am today instead of the normal 1.30…

Then after that bought lunch and went to church for practice.. I’m on duty tomorrow in main sanc for PA, so..yeah…today had practice.. Found Ewe Jin tinkering around with his new (old) toy, a synth which he found stuffed in some storeroom.. And he took it back…GRRR….I wanted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had fun posting in the chatbox from church, me and Ewe Jin were in the same place.. =p Practice was normal… Stayed back in church until 7pm… listened to music, tested out the main sanc sound system (as usual, again), played some clavinova and piano… and basically, bummed around for a bit..

I have to go to church tomorrow at 8am…. and I’ll go off now, because someone is irritating me with *biku* …… so……..bye….

Oh yeah, I was really thankful to God that my blood tests for Hepatitis A & B proved negative, I was really worried…. But of course, that means another 3 jabs…..=

But still, I’m happy that I’m not a carrier of the virus..

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