a busy sunday

Well, my parents forgot that I had to go to church at 8am today… Luckily I managed to wake myself up at 7.30, or else…..there wouldn’t have been any PA guy today =p

So…. yeah, I managed to get to church at 8am, powered up the sanctuary..and then the speaker processor had something wrong!! So I had to get on my back and crawl behind the mess of cables to fix it up… and then after that the COMPUTER didn’t work! Somehow it couldn’t detect the soundcard drivers.. Luckily a restart solved it…

Then, the video camera WASN’T there!! Ewe Jin had taken it back home to do his ‘stuff’ with it….

And the musicians came SOOO late that some of them didn’t even have time to do soundchecks!! Grr….. MUSICIANS!!! COME EARLIER!!!

So, basically, the sound sounded much worse than it could have sounded…..dunno….ask other people how it sounded… probably horrible…

Ewe Jin and Ruth – they are irritating… =p

Anyway, went back to Seremban today to visit my grandfather (my mom’s side)… then after that to Meru to visit my g/father/mother’s graves… (my dad’s side) and it was raining…

I wonder how long those flowers will last against those hungry goats in the cemetery…..=

Then after that dinner……then….

why do I seem like I don’t want to type anything much these days?

I wonder..


a new line
to make it seem longer..

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m going to get 2 more injections tomorrow..

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