The confusion of ionS..

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates yesterday…

Time flies, does it not?

Or does it crawl?

anyway, ‘flying’ doesn’t mean ‘fast’, nor does ‘crawling’ mean ‘slow’, so….

If the world were to spin faster, we’d be relatively experiencing time slower, but we’d still experience it at the same time. Err..never mind. Don’t confuse ME.

I will be in Form 6 this September. Isn’t that weird? I’m in form 4 now. Where’s SPM? Form 5?

I have to pack, pack, pack. I have to jab, jab, jab. I have to GO FOR PRAYER MEETINGS!!! Last chance to socialize in Taman SEA CF for a long time….ARRGH!! I’m gonna miss it SO much.. (ionStorm, please, no weird comments =p)

Dewgem has been spamming the chatbox, and Ewe Jin wants to join in. That is SO like him to do that.. besides planting gremlins in people’s beds and sending out Team Delta to look

The twisted Lieutenant Commander Ewe Jin, enjoying the ‘doctor’s’ company *ahem*.

Don’t ask, you might give Bubu too many shocks (which, isn’t a bad idea after all, actually)

Feedback! Feedback at 630Hz and 1.2KHz!! Summon the ionStorm! Put him in jail for feeding back, he spells ‘tomorrow’ wrongly!!




I didn’t get my jab again!!! Grr… By the time I get it, I might already be a carrier of Hepatitis A and B AND the ionStorm virus!! Help!

School was relatively boring today.

I’m going to go for music class..

Where am I going to get a full sized keyboard with weighted keys for a day? ionStorm, any ideas?

Oh whoops, forgot, he’s in sickbay. Oh well… he won’t be able to plant gremlins then…

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